Land Acquisition /Land Banking

Land Banking is the strategic acquisition of land in advance of expanding urban development; the practice of buying and holding pre-development land in the path of growth; the process of purchasing land and holding it for future use; purchase of land at today's prices and development of the land,

The Land Acquisition Act, 1894 is a law in India that allows the government to acquire private land within the country. "Land Acquisition" literally means acquiring of land for some public purpose by government/government agency, as authorised by the law, from the individual landowner(s) after paying a government fixed compensation in lieu of losses incurred by land owner(s) due to surrendering of his/their land to the concerned government agency.

In India, land is a hot commodity due to sprawling cities and commercial development. In anticipation of future development, investors and city, county or state governments may purchase and hold land that is vacant, rural or underutilized at a relative bargain before its value skyrockets once it eventually falls in the path of development. One of the main reason of it is increasing populations of India. This continued projected growth makes land a high-return investment when value spikes on the leading edge of the development.
Octopus understand the development and growth path to acquire land that will be developed in the future. Our focus is to study demographic patterns, transportation, funding, geographic limitations, and civic leadership to assess so that we can provide the best to our client which delivers the highest return on their investment. Land is real property and has a defined tangible asset ,Octopus understand its value!!!

If you are looking for buying or selling land in, Commercial or Residential or Agricultural or in any sector then you are @ right place because we are Leader of Land.

We have availability of land near every major city in India. We are successfully banking the land – purchasing, holding and selling from last many years. It is imminently possible because of applied research, knowledge and access by our team of land expert consultants. We have a pool of land in different – different segment like commercial, residential, agricultural and in many more other sectors. Your Search Will Stop Here!!! Talk to our qualified land banking specialist who is also INVESTED in land where you would invest.

If you would like further information about Octopus Group Land Banking investments or for more details on the application process, please contact our representative via our query request form. (click on the "query" text to be redirected to the request form page.)

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